Saturday, November 21, 2015

I hate that sentence

EYELURE Sweatshirt Tied Sweatpants  and softest croptop proflirt
Icons Of Style Pretty girl w/shopping bag poses 
EYELURE Yoga pants and   ISON - Wool side cut sweater
Vista AO pose
Ree and I were chatting on the kitchen. It was cold and we had gone to walk Sexy, and stopped at the supermarket cause we had decided to prepare a very hot onion soup, Ree's specialty.
Plowwies Sammy-Jo outfit 2
Image Essentials Prestige poses
Umi had been locked up at the hospital for a couple of days. Her spectacular grades had given her the chance to became the youngest intern at the surgery department.  She was very proud, it had been her target since the moment she began her studies, but it was really exhausting. 
Ree and I complained and joked, saying she seemed to have permanently moved to the hospital.

The moment she appeared, we knew something was wrong. Her eyes were puffy and red and she was fighting the tears.

Believe me, I hate that sentence!

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