Friday, November 6, 2015

Looking for a safe place

ODDITY Pants -Robert- Denim StoneWashed
EVA AsHmOoT_A/W Male Coll_Jacket
EYELURE  Softest Crop Top  and Sweatshirt Tied Sweatpants
Vestige Creations Business man and Runaway poses

Following Eliza's instructions, we had to find a safe place to spend the night.
Mick and I walked through desert corridors in shadows. We had no idea of where to go, what was 'safe' and why we needed to be safe.
Something New poses 
A door took us finally out of that weird place.
We were at the village circus. But not exactly. Everything was like a wasted, dirty version of the circus I had visited in the village.
  *Luckie* Oh My Lingerie [The Dirty Turkey Hunt]
DS'ELLES 9SEMAINES 1/2 - 11 poses
'Hey cutie! Come here. Its hot'
A girl appeared in font of us. She was calling Mick. A little bonfire burned close to her. Yeah, it rather was hot there, cause she was quite naked.
A scar crossed her beautiful face. And she looked... hungry. I took Mick's arm.
'No thanks' , he said.
  *Luckie* Oh My Lingerie [The Dirty Turkey Hunt]
OPOPOP Scarface tattoo
DS'ELLES 9SEMAINES 1/2 - 11 poses

She kept calling him in whispers till we were out of her sight.
  *Luckie* Oh My Lingerie [The Dirty Turkey Hunt]
DS'ELLES 9SEMAINES 1/2 - 11 poses

I shivered, 'that was a bit creepy'.
'Yes. She was insane, didnt you see that scar in her face?'.
'Yeah, but she had great tits', I joked.
'Yours are better'.
I stopped, my mouth open in disbelieve. 'What did you say?'
He smiled and I hit his shoulder, making him laugh. See, my zombie was ready for life, uh?
We walked around the place, looking for 'a safe place'.
A safe place. Where?

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