Friday, November 13, 2015

You better run

{NanTra} Poses
Eliza was on the street. She was looking at something that I couldnt see, or maybe waiting for something or someone. I called her out and she turned around, startled, and whispered something, by the movement of her lips I thought it was 'run'.
And she did exactly so, she ran and disappeared down the street.
Then other people came running too, they all seemed scared and no one stopped when i tried to talk to them.
HUSH skins Amber2 - Vanilla make up 2
* Inkheart * Hades Eyes - Water (3 Sizes Sys + Mesh)
[BASTA] for The Thrift Shop  
:CHERISHED: (Seagrass) Ankle boots 
  :EVEN THOUGH: (Teal) Skirt & Jumper
Marukin Pose
Nerdgasm  Log Men's Classic tshirt
OPOPOP Ceresio VM in Camo Khaki // Mesh Cargo
Deluxe Body Factory Peter skin
Image Essentials Running pose
Something was happening, but what? I was about going back into the garage to tell Mick, when a voice said, 'You better run, hun'.
Tchelo's  Nova skin  and dress maxi w/hud
Beloved Body Wrap shape Liesel
Marukin Pose
I saw a girl looking at me behind a fence.
Vestige Creations Femme finale
She moved closer. I moved too, and asked her why people were running, and why I had to run, but she just said, 'they are coming, hun. You better run and hide'.
'Who is coming?'
'The rulers, hun, you better run', and she left.
(to be continued)
SEQUIN EVENT TASHI Rough Water slink hud
EVA *PC*Bohemian rings gatcha
Color Me Project
Gift Headband
Persefona Daisy in mouth
* Inkheart * Hades Eyes - Emerald (3 Sizes Sys + Mesh)

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