Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dont tell her mom

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We spent more than two hours sitting there, too scared to even talk.
We ran to Marlow when he appeared on the waiting room. He looked so serious he didnt even look like his usual self. 
'She is ok', he said, and we held eachother laughing and crying and then we hugged him. He smiled but made us hush, and he talked low voice.
'She will spend the night here. Tomorrow the psychiatrist will visit her. She is ok, but only because Ree arrived almost the same moment she took the pills'.
'What do you mean?'
Umami was a good student. She knew what to take to have the work done, and she took it. Only the unexpected intervention of Ree rescued her.
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Imeka poses 
'She really wanted to...', I whispered and Ree covered my mouth with her fingers.
'Now we have a problem to face, girls, they are asking me for her family phone, to call them'.
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Imeka poses 
'No way', Ree said, 'her relationship with her mom is awful. And she will take Umi away if she knows what has happened'.
'And she hates Silence', I added.
 Marlow sighed, 'I know, but this has been very serious, they want someone responsible for her'.
WellMade Snow Outfit
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'We', Ree said. 'We will. I wont leave her alone till she doesnt recover'.
'Yes, we will take care of her. And Rum is coming, he will help too', I begged.
Marlow looked at us and said, 'ok, we will organize it, and take care of her' .
'Can we see her?', Ree asked. But only Marlow was allowed there as hospital intern. 
He said he would spend the night at her bedside and he sent us home. 
I cant wait to hug Umi again!

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