Monday, December 7, 2015

Emergency room

EYELURE Sweatshirt Tied Sweatpants  and  Open Hoodie with Tee
Vestige Creations Talk on the telephone poses
Vestige Creations Talk on the telephone poses
 Image Essentials Accesorise poses
'When I arrived home, everything was quiet, I thought Umami was out walking Sexy. Then while I was having a yogurt,  I saw Jerry with Sexy and some of his pets in the yard , so I was surprised , Umi was not walking the dog. 
And then I noticed something weird in the garbage... There was a  bag full of something that seemed... hair. Dark, long locks of hair. I felt sick of terror, and ran to Umi's door, but she didnt answer'.

'The door was locked, but thank God we live in that old building cause i kicked it twice and it opened...' 

 Image Essentials  Slain poses
'She was laying on the rug, not responding to my shaking her and my screams. I panicked. There was a couple of empty medicine bottles, and few pills on the rug. I called emergencies... They took less than 10 mins but it seemed eternal, and now we are here, at the hospital'.

Vestige Creations Talk on the telephone poses
I hurried like crazy across the campus, fortunately, my building was not far from the University hospital. At emergency's doors I noticed it was snowing for the first time this year. I felt it was a good sign for Umi's recovery, cause she loves the snow.
ODDITY Jacket -Salma- Leather
 Image Essentials  Clutch poses
Oh my,  our sweet Umami! How can this be possible?
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