Sunday, December 20, 2015

Girls, listen to me

EYELURE  Double Tee
GlamRus poses
Umami's mom doesnt know what happened the other day. 
Yesterday, she called her daughter to tell her they are travelling to see the family, so Umi should be home to join her in a couple of days.
EYELURE  Double teeImeka poses 
Umami doesnt want to go home. But we know her mom, she may even appear here to drag her daughter with her... Yeah, she is very special.
T-Shirt -Marlon- Hollywood  and Pants -Robert- Denim StoneWashed 

Furniture pose
'Tell her we have a test the day before Xmas. Tell your mom to go on her trip, and tell her you will stay at DD's or Ree's home and spend holidays with them. Oh, and tell her you are very sorry and hate to miss all the family fun'.
'Marlow...', I began, but Umi jumped and said it was a WONDERFUL idea.
Will it work?

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