Saturday, December 5, 2015

Puffy red eyes

Indigo and I were at the kitchen, working on the semester project, something very complicated that
[[ Masoom]]Peace top for Peace on Earth Hunt (gift # 24)
Pants -Jean- Denim StoneWashed
Picture This Poses
involves a lot of internet research. We had decided to finish one of the parts, and that meant a lot of hours of that friday evening, probably a good part of the night.
Rum was involved in a new family drama and was spending the weekend at the Van der Kerk's, so when Indigo suggested to advance on the work this friday I agreed.
We ran out of coffee and I told him what about taking a break and walking Sexy, we could go to the supermarket and get coffee too.

[[ Masoom]] for Peace on Earth Hunt (gift # 24)
We were going down stairs when we met Umi.
I invited her to our amazing walk, but she refused.
::Designer Circle::.
Loordes of London-Rogue Boots

My heart cried as each time I look at her eternally red eyes, and when I tried to insist a bit, she looked down and whispered, 'I need to study', and ran upstairs.

I think even Sexy feels sorry for her.
And Im so angry at Silence...
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 Loordes of London-The Compression Sweater

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