Saturday, December 26, 2015

There is a party everynight

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From the hall we heard a door opening, and more laugh and voices. Mick and I looked at each other, as always the question was, 'is this safe?', and then Eliza appeared. So it was safe, but I felt shocked anyway, cause she was wearing... wow.
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'Oh guys, I was sure you wouldnt miss the party! Come, we are having a lot of fun!'
There was something a bit weird. Well, everything was weird, but, a party while outside in the streets an army of monsters were hunting all of us? 
Eliza saw our puzzled looks and laughed. 
'We have parties every night, while the patrol of the rulers are working. Not many things to do while we are locked in safe places, so...'
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'So this is a safe place?' Mick asked. 
Eliza looked at him, and I got another weird feeling. She looked like hungry... if you know what I mean.

'Oh yes, it is. A safe place. And we have music and champagne... come!'

Yeah, the ghost girl was devouring my ex-zombie friend with her amazing and hypnotic eyes
And Mick , a man from the 1900's, was not used to such revealing dresses, as I could tell by the way he was desperately doing his best to not look at her amazing tits.

'We are not dressed for a party', I said hoping it would sound like, 'we are not UNdressed for your party'.
Vestige Creations Svetolanka poses
She laughed and sent us to a side room on a corridor.
'There you will find million outfits, just choose one and meet me at the last door. And no worries, we all change clothes all the time, depending on how the party goes, its part of the fun'.
Icons Of Style  Greta poses
She left with a giggle begging us to hurry. 
Mick looked at me.
'So, what do we do?'
'Party!' , I said with a mocking enthusiasm. 'Lets look for something appropriated to match Eliza's gorgeous dress'.
He followed me with a sigh.
'I dont know why but the party doesnt sound to me  like very safe'.
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Icons Of Style  Greta poses
Yeah... but we got dressed and went to see what kind of dangers were awaiting for us.
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