Friday, January 15, 2016

The unexpected guest

Oh my, I am frozen! I cant wait for a hot coffee!! So good i just got home!
Color Me Project 
Dafnis Betsy red white outfit 

Vestige Creations Bag poses

Hey Umi, how u doing? (Gosh, she is gorgeous)

Fine, Indigo, and u? ( I wonder why he never feels cold, or maybe he has some shirt-phobia)
*Petit Chat* Cool attitude jeans

Xen's hats Geek ball cap
 Aerial poses
Vestige Creations  Celebrity ghost and Jessica poses
Fine, thanks, getting rid of  some sh... trash, trying to clean my cave. I was going to have a coffee, want some?
Oh thanks, but I am delayed with my studying  and I still have to walk Sexy...
C'mon, ten or twenty minutes wont kill you, bring the dog with you and let her run in the back yard (irresistible smile)
Ok... Do you like cake? 
Sure! (Awwww, I `d rather eat YOU, little cookie)
DD's granny sent a load of home made cakes, I will bring some (poor boy, he seems so lonely)
Great, let me take the bin out, see you in a minute.
Color Me Project  !IT! - Caprice Set 1

Indigo? Where are you? 
Ops, looks like Cinderella but losing his cap not his shoe.

Umi! Dont go downstairs! 
There is a snake there! 
A snake??? Where??

Dont move, Im coming with Jerry.
Yeah, stay upstairs, guys, Ill take care of it.
Nerdgasm - and MP shirt
+HUHU+ skinny pants
Vestige Creations 
I survived pose set
Stephen! COME HERE!

What the...

Oh wow... He is defending his beloved one!
Something New poses 
Ok... we will make her comfy using the big bin and call the police. She probably has runaway from someone's illegal zoo...

Pose by FROZEN

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