Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I will post my naked pic

EVA Anjos Creations - Roses Tattoo aerial 
 Aerial poses
 ::GATAMESTRE::  Mesh Daddy's girl gothic
AsHmOoT_Dolls Coll_Crown Headphone
Le Poppycock- poses
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Samantha (call me Sam, please) its one of the favorite teen stars in our movies. 
Yeah, one of the favorites, but, the most, the super, the TOP favorite?

Le Poppycock- poses

'Of course I am. I am the most popular star. My fans are unconditional, faithful and awesome. Love you guys'.

You have that crazy war with La loca Chabela and Gaz Soda. You all say you will post your naked pic on twitter if you are first to get to 1000000 followers.

These actresses are known by their scandalous affairs. On the contrary, you are the image of the sweet innocent teenager.
Color Me Project
{AnaMarkova}Leeza dress
Persefona Angel Halo with Stars
* Inkheart * Expansive eyes
 Aerial poses

Will we see your naked pic if you win this popularity quest?
I have a question for you, hun.
Yeah? What is your question?
Wanna bet? (wink)

The best in pinterest :)