Sunday, May 1, 2016

Unnofficial report- I need help

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Mick and I hid in a room, far from the crazy party. The knocking on the door woke us up.
I open my eyes terrified, I didnt remember  where I was, but the voice of Mick at my side made me feel a bit better.

'Yeah? Who's there?', and we heard Eliza's whispering, 'Mick? I need help, please!'
So he got up and opened the door.
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He turned to me.  I felt dizzy and exhausted, but did my best to stay alert.
'C'mon Mick, hurry', I heard her.
'One sec', I said, getting up.
'Oh, is Mame there?', and when Mick said yes, she added, 'Mame, you stay, no worries, and you hurry up, Mick', and she pulled his arm taking him off the room.
'What? Why?', I heard him saying.
'I only have two glasses of champagne, hun', she whispered and giggled.
(to be continued)

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