Friday, June 17, 2016

Its only a short trip

::Designer Circle::. ::JK Style:: Kaz Sandals , skirt and top
Vestige Creations pose
'Hey, love!'
'Just calling to tell you I miss you'
A&D Shorts -Lemmon-
Vestige Creations pose

'Oh, sweetness, I love you and miss you too, what time are you back from your business trip?'
(Laughing) 'Ohhh its not a business trip, you silly, we just need to collect some data for the research paper'. 
'Ok, ok' (smile) 'Have fun, love, and take a lot of care. What if I pick you up tomorrow and go for one of those amazing fried chicken dinners?'
'Yes yes yes!'
'Great, then Ill be there around eight'
'Ill pick you up at the station'
'Please, do it, I love it when I see you waving like crazy'
AMM pose
(in a sweet, low voice) 'I bet every guy in the train would do anything to be me'
'Rum... Im crazy for you, my love, cant wait to see you... Ops, Indigo is calling, our train is here, hunnie, have to go'.
Vestige Creations pose

'Love you, DD, see you in a very few'.

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