Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dare Heaven and Hell to stop me

Angie and Sat. Together since the day they were born.
COCO Fashion doll&clothing
furniture pose
But someone said angels and devils shouldnt be together.
They took Angie away.
Angie tried to be good.
She tried to learn how to grow up as a good angel.
*Luckie* and MP  (all the wings on the post)
COCO Fashion doll&clothing fashiondoll body 
SLC Mesh CowGirl black
w.winx pose
Color Me Project-Culco- T-Front Dress
COCO Fashion doll&clothing fashiondoll body 
Absoluta poses
She tried really hard but she failed.
Maybe she didnt like to be like the other angel girls. 
Steals and Deals Loordes of London Late Bloomer top
My 60L Secret Sale Loordes of London Early Blooms pants
COCO Fashion doll&clothing fashiondoll body 
Loordes of London-Medalion Signature sandals
Image Essentials for The Aloha Fair Aloha poses
Sat tried to find her again and again, broke every rule and was punished.
 Diesel - Bottle Prop
Now Hell and Heaven are looking for the little demon and his angel friend.  
Any clue? 
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