Saturday, July 9, 2016

The angel's Charlies: Chapter I

Chapter I: How I met the angel (Charlize's version)
EYELURE Minicrop and Worn Shortie   
Sari sari poses  
It happened at that posh party.
Not my kind of party, you know, but I had to go and did my best to fit. 
I borrowed my neighbour's best dress and there I went.

 FEMME FATALE dress try the amazing hud for transparency , glow, textures...!
Loordes of London Jewelry
Icons Of Style Champagne poses

 I think I was doing fine till  ... ops! I was accidentally pushed, or I slipped, or I... 
OPOPOP Maloa - High V#1 Basic // Mesh High Heels
Sup Poses Fallen for u
...Whatever, I ended up in the water. I dont like pools. I cant swim...
It was not the deepest side of the pool so I managed to get out.
'Everything's fine', I kept telling myself, when I noticed some people were looking at me. The girls were giggling , and the men ...
+Mab+ Basic RP Poses
Oh no. My dress. I was soaked and it had become completely transparent ! A group of boys were looking at me and chuckling. Two of then came on my direction. One asked if they could help me, I said no thanks, but they kept moving to me , smiling with their eyes going up and down my almost invisible dress.
And then  a deep voice said, 'hey guys. Leave her alone, ok?'
A&D Coat -Sean and Stonewashed denim Robert
Image Essentials Subtle moves  pose

Thats when i saw him for the first time.

 He was tall and, it may sound silly to say this about a man, but he was beautiful, somehow, he seemed to shine.
 And he was wearing at his back a... weird pair of ... wings?, not to tell about the sunglasses in the middle of the night.

Great, a freak coming to my rescue, I told myself.
Impossibly fast, he was in front of me, covering me and not allowing the mocking boys to get closer.
Image Essentials Stop and Body shots poses
I felt something floating around me and him, like a safety shield of light.
Next thing I remember is leaving the party in his arms.
** CM ** Creative Mime pose
'Ill take you home', he said, and again I thought i was (literally now) in the hands of a freak.
I was holding him with my left hand, and I could feel the  extraordinary smooth feathers of his fake wings.
'Oh? ', I said, but I was thinking ' thanks boy,  but enough is enough ', and I pulled my tongue at him and said, 'take me home how, by flying?'

He smiled. His perfect teeth shone, making me want to meet his dentist.
EYELURE Minicrop and Worn Shortie   Absoluta poses
'Yeah', he said.

And then I discovered the wings were not fake.

My name is Charlize, and thats how I met the angel. 
(To be continued)

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