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The angel's charlies : Chapter II

Chapter II : How I met the angel (Charlotte's version)
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When my boss asked me to go with him to the art exhibit I honestly though it was about work.
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'Art of the mind', the exhibit was called, and the gallery owner had invited Dr. Evan, the director of the Psicology Research Center I work for.
Color Me Project  !IT! - Nomad Princess Set 4
I was excited and flattered, feeling 'the chosen one', to be at that special event with the boss, and it took a while till I noticed the boss was quite more interested in the parts of my body not covered by my dress than in the art pieces around us.
When I got tired of his 'you are so beautiful you should be exposed as the most valuable art', I told him I was going home.
And when he tried to stop me, he spilled his drink all over me.
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Decoration by Cala at the KT Creators Festival
'Stupid!', I couldnt help shouting at him, while fighting his hands, cause the idiot tried to 'help' wiping my cleavage with a Kleenex.
A hostess took me upstairs, 'where I could fix my dress'.
The exhibition room was in  a very 'alternative community' building.
The bathroom was... somehow 'alternative', yeah.
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My dress was a complete mess. The alcohol  spoiled the cloth, and here and there was like thin paper. But things can always get worse, and they did when my boss began knocking on the door, insisting on my letting him in.
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I cursed low voice. What was I going to do?
And then I heard the soft laughing coming from the dirty window.
A guy was sitting there. Fifth floor, and sitting on the window.

'Let me in, hun, I just want to talk with you. C'mon, hun', Dr Evan's voice whispered through the door.
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'Dont', the guy on the window said.
'Of course I wont. And what the hell are you doing there?'
He shrugged, and I noticed the white wings at his back.
'Just hanging around' , he said, and I thought he winked behind his sunglasses.
'Erm... Nice, but, why dont you enter the room, and we talk about it?'
Could it be true? My free night and I had to cope with a lunatic who probably was there thinking of killing himself and with a drunken boss.
I wished I were very far from there.

'Gotta get in', Dr Evan said, and threw himself against the door.
I moved to the window, trying to keep calm.
The guy tapped on my shoulder.
'Ill take you home', he said.

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I am a psychologist and a woman of science.
He took me home, but dont ask me how, cause I still cant explain what happened.
My name is Charlotte, and this is how I met the angel.

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