Thursday, August 11, 2016

The true story of Cinderella and Snowhite

Yep, Cinderella met the prince. They had a crazy night and the only thing she didnt lost was...
 her glass shoes.
+Facepalm+ for FABLE Glass Slipper Slink High
Dark of the Moon for FABLE Tess skin gift
Pose by
And yes, Snowhite got sick with the apples... 
Del Alba Creations for FABLE Snowhite dress
Love me Brutal pose
But because a delicious apple liquor, not the innocent fruit!
Icons Of Style Champagne poses
Image Essentials Under the Weather
HUSH skins Alice milk
* Inkheart * Tender eyes glace blue
B!ASTA :KHARMAH: (Rose) Sandals

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