Monday, October 17, 2016

Haunted cabin in the forest

Next evening, the hunter took me to the forest.

It was a cold day, so I didnt need to explain why I kept shivering. Anyway, the hunter didnt notice or didnt care.

At the end of the path I found a cabin, painted on the reds and oranges of the sunset. I knew I would meet the boss there. I couldnt runaway, and, know what? I didnt want to. In spite of my fear, I wanted to see him, our beloved boss, the worst badass, the dark power. Satan.
Twe12ve Sass The haunted cabin

Since the moment we met Satan's hunter at the fairground, we knew she had chosen one of us. If we all thought it was Becky, we all were wrong.
Icons Of Style Pose and decoration
anyBODY 1HUNDRED  Worship me outfit

Becky, a  little devil... in a really good disguise, who would tell she wasnt an innocent girlie?
HUSH skins Camilla skin

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