Monday, October 3, 2016

Memories of a demon girl

I was drunk. And alone, in a cold night that seemed to have forgotten summer ended few days ago.
When he appeared I recognized him immediately. Those outcast demons had no friends. And I knew he was not going to respect my sweet cursed blood, no matter if I was a demon too.
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I can fight. In fact, I not only can, I never lose a fight. But I was too drunk to even get up from the floor.
So I keep a blurry memory of the blond guy appearing to my rescue, but my first thought when i woke up in a messy bed was, how could see face an outcast? How did he dare?
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Then I heard his voice. 'Hey! You woke up!'
And I understood. An angel. Another angel. Offering me a hot cup of something, friendly and handsome as the ones of his kind. Damn it.

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