Friday, October 28, 2016

My kind of guy

Vestige Creations poses
After the first surprise, I recovered quickly. Who the hell was that idiot? How did he got there? 
I didnt mind getting out of the water all naked in front of him. I had nothing to hide and it was obvious he liked my showing off.
I went to get dressed and he waited for me outside the cabin.
The Mad Circus  Petite Mort outfit
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When I was back I warned him, the person I was waiting for would not appreciate his visit, but he shrugged.
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 Tuty poses  

'We share a cigarette and I leave, k?', he proposed.

The cigarette lasted for hours. We talked , just nonsenses, but non stop. 
He made me laugh to tears. 
Yago had a quick , smart and perverse sense of humor, exactly my favorite. 
And that badass smirk... 
Damn it , 100% my kind of guy, so...

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