Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Skinny dipping in the lake

A couple of hours later I was still there, alone, watching the quiet water on the lake at my feet.
And I was quite pissed off.
Image Essentials The blues

In fact I was furious.
I could have been dancing and drinking with my friends at the Halloween fair party, and I was sitting there alone, trying to think of a good lie to tell my friends about an awesome-non-existing-date.
I had no idea of where I was, my cellular didnt work there, so i would have to wait for someone to take me home or the dawn to begin walking on my own.
Vogue Fair CF Top - Viviane hud + Pants
Image Essentials  Body shots

But what the hell, I was not going to stay up all night, he was not coming and I didnt give a damn.

I decided to go to bed, but first... The night was warm, and the lake looked so tempting with its sweet rumor... 
A bath would help to sooth my bad mood.

Image Essentials Playmate
Alone yeah, and who needed any company? NOT ME. And I ran on the deck shouting like crazy.
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Image Essentials  poses from :Playmate, Run, and Jump on it
Ahhhhhh soooo good! I wanted  the water to take me away, to float freely... 
What the... Someone was... applauding?
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STAKEY poses  
'That was really  ... impressive', he said, and for a moment, I had no words.

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