Monday, October 24, 2016

The best worst girl

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The gangster guy took me to a lovely cottage who knows where. 
I walked up and down for a while, but I have never been a sweet patient girl, so I asked him when was the boss coming IF he was coming.

'Are you afraid he wont come?', he said.
What the f... I thought, and I answered I didnt give a damn, I was not afraid  and he would be the one to miss the chance to meet ME. Or maybe he was afraid of coming.

'Why should he be afraid?', he asked, and he seemed to be having a lot of fun. That pissed me a bit and swinging my hips I whispered in my hottest voice.
'Take a look at me, granpa, this girl may be too much for the golden oldies like you and your boss, uh?'
They say the boss liked bad girls. There he had the best (worst) one.

I turned my back and told him I would be waiting inside the house, it was getting quite cold there.

The gangster left some minutes later. I thought he was going to report the boss about me.
And I didnt give a... well, maybe I did. But damned me if I was going to admit it.

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