Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The house of favorites

OUTLET SL [WellMade] Dalila Dress
Vogue Fair "Lupus Femina" Flower / koi tattoo Female
anyBODY Deluxe Body Factory Rain skin  Honey
::Designer Circle::.
PELLE ely hair
MESANGE - Sidonie Eyes
The Mad Circus TASHI Glitter Pumpkin slink nails
Vestige Creations selfie poses
The gangster guy left me nervous and bored. And a bit anxious too. What if the boss had seen me somehow and didnt like me? 
But then, why did the gangster take me to the lake cabin?
We all had heard about how demanding he was, and we all knew about the House of favorites. Cause some of the girls were asked to stay with the boss forever. They all lived in that big place, the House of favorites, where the boss visited them. And they attended the boss' pleasure... and his guests' too.
::Designer Circle::. MESANGE - Sidonie Eyes
Dark of the Moon Doll V2 Skin Baked
Image Essentials Playmate poses

They had everything they can ask for. 
Everything but freedom.
That was not for me, I was not interested in spending more than a day or two with the boss.
And I hated to think that he would not appear and I would be back to face my friends with nothing to say about my date.

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