Saturday, October 15, 2016

The night I met the boss

I met the boss at the Halloween fair, a cold night at the beginning of november.
Color me project Icons Of Style Poses with Pumpkin
WellMade Yumi Pullover
My friend Becky and I were crazy about fairs, and this one was THE FAIR, if you know what I mean, cause nothing like Halloween celebrations... specially if you are a demon.
I loved to feel WOOOOT when looking around.
The Mad Circus
SinfulSky - Dark Circus Set (hat, necklace and stick)
  +Facepalm+ Boo Who shirts
an Iar poses
And dont you think food at the fairs is just d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s?
The Mad Circus
lu-street gurl top shorts
HUSH skins  Brielle
an Iar poses
Clarence came with us, fun and easygoing, our perfect scort, and the night was amazing with all those lights, and popcorn, cotton candy, burgers and fries perfuming the air.
I couldnt know it , but the moment Becky called us to join her at the stand , my life was about changing.
Yeah. A perfect night. The night I met the boss.
Icons Of Style Greta pose set

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