Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What do you wear to meet Satan?

Not so easy girls, not so easy.
This was not a date, was a date with the boss, master Satan, lord of darkness!
It was an incredible honor for a demon girl to be chosen to meet him. 
OPOPOP Fronzy V#3 Bandana // Mesh Wrist Wrap
Twe12ve kindred. boutique grim tank and undies.
Image Essentials  Sunnies pose

To meet him  meant to spend some hours in his company, a day or two if you were lucky.
Queen of Ink tatoo
 an Iar poses
'If you are lucky and please him, he will take you to the evening party'.
Woot, so  I chose my outfits carefully, and kept my fingers crossed. 
The Mad Circus ::GATAMESTRE:: Fitmesh Alexandra
Icons Of Style Play Dirty Poses 

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