Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dark chaos of feelings

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The night with Yago was perfect. From the very beginning with our crazy conversation that made our minds seem to connect so easily, to the bed where we shared the hottest time of my not unexperienced sexual life.
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Image Essentials Wall to wall
Later that night, I asked him to leave. 
First he didnt want to listen to me.
'C'mon, dont trash me, this is the night of my life', his deep voice whispered, and his smirk wasnt there this time.

My feelings were a chaos , but I told him my date was the boss . I thought he was not going to appear , but if he did , Yago would be in problem.

'K' , he said , 'a cigarette and I am gone'.
And he was still smoking when I fell asleep.

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