Friday, December 30, 2016

Behind the love story

::Designer Circle::. *LX* Amy. Black
Xen's Hats Oklahoma Hat Black w Black
MOoH! Thigh boots
 Imeka poses 
Bronx told me Yago chose Melissa for two reasons.
One, to keep me away and safe from attacks .
Two, cause she was the sister of the outcasts' cried boss, killed by the bad mutants few weeks ago. 
Yago and Melissa met at the cemetery. People said it was love at first sight. Nonsense. Taking her, the outcasts would accept Yago as a boss,  and they would join forces against the common enemy.
Marquesse for Fashion Dazzle  opens jan 1stChristian suit
STAKEY poses 

I was sent to the angels' city, and I didnt mind. 
I was furious against Bronx, against the bad mutants, the outcasts and that  ***** Melissa.
But the best, biggest part of my fury was for him. Yago. 
If I was ready to fight for our love, why wasnt him?

(Memories of the demon girl)

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