Saturday, December 17, 2016

The barn party

I was not invited to the party, but that wasnt a problem. My philosophy: Just wear nice and sexy, and they will be glad to let you in.
I hoped it would work this time.

Twe12ve sass buildz [the barn, garden and bushs)
The taxi driver who took me there was astonished at the bunch of beautiful cars standing outside the place. The closer we got, the more expensive they looked.

Inside the barn, there were lots of people waiting, they queued to get their pic under a funny inscription, 'Santa certified nice'. I went directly to the door and a man asked me if I didnt want to be certified.
The Naughty List 
Kreepshow Kouture

 Jingle Bells dress and necklace&stockings from the 10L gift
 ThatChick  Mesh Santa Certified Nice FullPerm Kit
{NanTra} Poses
The Naughty List  !head desk!
Head full of Christmas Tangled
Raine hair
'Who wants to be a certified nice, boy?' I answered with a wink. 'I can assure you I am a very certified naughty'. He laughed. 
And the man at the door laughed too and let me in without asking me for my invitation.

The Naughty List 
[KD] Christmas Surprise Slink High Shoes
Twe12ve sass buildz [the barn, garden and bushs)

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