Thursday, December 8, 2016

The hole of the den

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I was not aware of losing conscience, but I woke up when my raptor dropped me on the floor of the semidarkness of a stinky room.
I heard the door slamming and turned to it with a scream of rage (and fear), and a voice at my back said, 'dont! dont scream, they will be back and beat us'.
'Who? Why?'
'Shhhh, dont talk so loud!', and a girl showed up from the shadows.
She looked deadly scared, and had been beaten hard.
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I took a deep breath. 'Dont panic', I told myself, 'Yago is going to find me'.
'The guardians like silence, if the hole is noisy we will stay here forever'
Her scared whispering  was driving me crazy.
'Where are we? What's this?', I asked trying to whisper too.
'We are in the den, girl, and this is the hole'.
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