Saturday, December 10, 2016

To keep you safe

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I woke up. I was disoriented and I immediately had a flash of my last memory. 
The demons in the crypt. The chants. They were going to kill me. And then, Yago arrived . 

I jumped from the bed. Where was Yago? Where was I?
The door opened and a guy appeared. Everything was ok, he said. He told me the boss had took me there, to keep me safe and help me recovering.  'He is fine, no worries. And you'll be fine too'. 
But he didnt want to say when Yago was going to be back.
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Bronx was a nice guy. We became friends. And I liked the way he talked about Yago, as a good friend more than a boss. He was not very good looking (my jealous love would had never left me alone in the middle of nowhere with an Apolo), but he was fun, kind and very smart. 
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It took almost a week till I accepted Yago was not going to appear. 
'Why?' I asked Bronx, but he just said it was time for us to move.
Color me project !IT! - Crux Necklace

(Memories of the demon girl)

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