Monday, December 26, 2016


WellMade Saretta Crop Sweater and Sophie skirt
{NanTra} Poses
The gangster said, 'get dressed', and  he didnt answer any of my questions till I put some clothes on.
Then he told me I was going to move, to stay away for some time, for my own safety.
'Where is the boss? I am not going anywhere till I see him. I won the dance contest, he has to come here', I said , about losing my temper.

In a low monotonous voice, he said that I had not win, and the boss had already left with the winner.
 I felt like drowning. 
::Designer Circle::.  [WellMade] Zara Mini Dress
 Purple poses
The gangster seemed bored to death, but talked to me trying to sound patient.
'Everybody knew the contest was a silly excuse. The house of favorites is closed, he has his one and only favorite now. Melissa is the chosen one'.

He ordered me to get ready to leave, without listening to any good or bad word I was saying.

Suddenly the door opened and Bronx was there. 
Just in time, he moved his big body between me and the gangster cause I was about slapping his stupid face.
EMME pose

He held me while I did my best to kick and punch him, whispering, 'shhh, c'mon, sweets, c'mon'.

When I stopped to resist and began to cry, he promised he was going to answer all my WHY.

(Memories of the demon girl)

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