Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Smoking friends

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Rod became my 'smoking friend', and somehow, it made things easier for me.
Cause Rod was considered the 'rebel angel' in the group, cause oh my my he smoked and 'sometimes even got drunk!', as those goodie-goodie girls quickly warned me.  Wow. Such a badass.
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In fact he was a sweet, innocent boy, who immediately fell under the power of the real badass. Me. And I liked him, not only cause he looked quite good, but because he was damn fun.

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So now we spent the meetings and parties joking and smoking , and the girls could relax cause their boys were not in danger of being devoured by the angel eater.

Sure, I kept being irreverent, rude, flirty, sexy and unbearable. But Rod was there to sooth things up and avoid fights.
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The funniest thing was that, in spite of the obvious attraction we felt, we were just friends. Friends
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with a man. Woot.  A complete, new experience for this demon girl.

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