Saturday, January 21, 2017

Too busy

Marquesse Christian suit
'Woot hun, you really look good in suit and tie. I dont know why you hate to wear formal so much'
DS'ELLES Fantasy pose set
'Hun? Can you hear me? '
Twe12ve sass homez [fresh] word art
Image Essential Drummer
'Oh my, hun! Can you please stop that horrible noise? Hun? HUN!! YAGO STOP THAT F***ing NOISE!!'
WellMade Claire Underwear
DM poses
Sudden silence.
'Much better, hun, much better... Why dont you come here ... we can have a little chat, uh?'
Image Essential Drummer
'I am busy'
WellMade Bora Bora Top
{NanTra} Poses
::Designer Circle::. Black Cats poses - Female Bang!
WellMade Claire Underwear
'Busy ... I know what keeps him busy... But some how I am going to fix that'
All pics taken at sass  [fresh skybox] for Twe12ve

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