Friday, January 20, 2017

War time

I began working at the Cradle.
There we took care of  abandoned baby angels till they were adopted, something that happened in few days.  I complained and pretended to be grumpy, but it was a very relaxed job, the babies were so sweet and never troublesome,  and I couldnt help but liking them.
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Bronx worked there with me, and Rod was the one in charge when the babies where taken to their new homes, and I liked to have them around.
Two more girls worked there, and believe it or not, I liked them too, cause  they were not part of the goodie-goodie clan.

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I liked Rain cause she was weird. She was nice, she was very kind, and she was nuts. Almost inmediately, Rod, Bronx and I adopted her as a little sister. 
And what I liked the most about our boss, K8, was the way she make all of us feel part of something important and righteous.
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My heart kept crying for Yago but I considered myself happier than I ever though I would be without him.

Then the bad mutants, the ones we used to call 'the zombies', attacked the frontiers once again, as they had done so many times before. 
But this time, they broke the perimeter. And the war entered our lives.

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