Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mannequin's house

I was looking for a house to rent and they sent me to see this one, up in the mountain.
'Its a nice house. I am sure you will like it', the woman told me, and gave me the keys and a google maps link.
It was nice, yeah. But ... the people living there had left some weird souvenirs.
MOoH! Mannequin gacha 
 sass buildz [the carson house]

Mannequins. Lots of them. Waiting for me in every room.

And at the end of the corridor, one of them seemed to be preventing me to check the last room...
I opened the door to find another one...
Oh my... The mannequins seemed to be guarding some complete dolls too, so realistic, for a second I thought they were alive!
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 Twe12ve [NYNE] 'Ridla' Hair 
La Baguette poses
Hashtag Events  .:Lekilicious Store:. Set Harley Quinn mesh 
EYELURE Sheer Lace Dress   White
 Ever Glow  poses
I even stared at them for a while, wondering if those two would suddenly open their eyes and ... and then I left feeling a bit silly.
The woman in the agency assured me she would move all the mannequins and kept them up in the attic, and I rented the house.
Alive dolls... ha!