Saturday, August 5, 2017

The pirate may know - Fable 3

The pirate travels a lot. She knows a lot of people and she hears a lot of things.
So I asked her if she had any news about my lost sister
'I am sorry, but I do', she said.
'Is she dead? I need to know', I said, and the rage stopped my voice from trembling.
'No, not dead like this one',  she bent over a corpse, someone who had been messing with her crew, and spat.
D.Design Cosmos eyes
 AppleTIni Fairy Dust
 .: HUWE :. Khaleesy Tattoo
*Merlific* Milah (pirate accessories)
 [AK] 00016 sandals
AdoreZ-Hanny Dress

'Angela took her, hun. I heard she is at the fairies' gallery now'.
And we both knew that was much worse than being dead.