Saturday, September 2, 2017

A scary tale before bedtime

I was coming back last night after the party.
The man standing by the door kept whispering silly things, 'hey', 'girl', 'u nice' , while I pretended I didnt notice but i just wondered when the idiot would leave the train.
But he didnt... till I did.
He came after me, and I walked faster. He didnt run after me, but I had already imagined a whole horror story, and was very scared.
The Grab .::Fiorella::. Outfit Rebeka
My house was at the end of the road, and i ran without looking back, so sure that he was following me I couldnt almost breath.
I didnt want him to know where I lived, so  I took the longer way trying to lose him. As a result of this great strategy, when his steps came closer, I was very far from the safety of home.

The abandoned house, where my friends and I used to play years ago, was on my way. I would hide there, and wait for the man to  leave.

Suddenly, i heard noises at my back and  I screamed and ran,  jumping the few steps of the porch. And almost fell on my butt when someone appeared in front of me.
Perimeter jeans
K&S poses
 'Eh...', he said. Damn, he was weird. No shirt, no shoes, wild long hair, and a strange light surrounded him. But the psycho had to be about arriving.
'Please help me, someone is following me', I said, and when he stepped back, I got into the house.
(to be continued)