Sunday, September 10, 2017

The studio

{NanTra} Poses
From A scary tale before bedtime

The abandoned house was actually Nano's.  He had got it from his grandad and was so deteriorated he was unable to sell it. So he used it as his art studio.
Thought he worked as a waiter, Nano wanted to become a graffiti artist, but to make money, he mainly dedicated his time to create nice posters for stores. 
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Dreamscapes Art Gallery

*Pumpkin Board* (12L gift)  and 
*Repurposed Mirror* Unicorn (exclusive)

Nano didnt know the weird guy I met that night, and we explored the big house looking for him or clues about him, but we failed. 

I had bad vibes about that house, but when my new friend invited me to visit his atelier, I accepted. 
I liked the guy, he was weird but fun, and he had something that made me feel at ease.
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  Flash Friendly Poses

But somehow I knew i shouldnt have accepted, and I could heard my sixth sense shouting, 'I told you!', when all that madness began.
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(to be continued)