Friday, September 9, 2011

BigBoobsBetty and her love

BigBoobs Betty has a big heart, but the way she tries to fill it with romanticism is sometimes a bit crazy.
She has already had some love stories, but usually short and not happy ending, and the other girls and I always suspect she has a gift to choose the wrong man.
After the day we met at the cinema, she had kept calling me, wanting to see me. She had to tell me something IM-POR-TANT that had happened, and had to tell me before the rest of the girls knew.

We had few minutes of general gossip, and then she began talking about the IM-POR-TANT subject. And oh my, it was IMPORTANT, you can bet.

She went out with a W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L boy several times along the summer.
He was super sexy but also very cute. (If you know BBB a bit, this means he didnt try to  ----- her.)
Oh and he was wonderful because...

He had taken her for dinner at nice restaurants...

Gone dancing to fashion places...

and he was so nice and romantic... 'oh, he said i was a princess!'

awww she wont forget that night at the beach...

oh wow, what a summer, i was really happy for her. But when i began telling her, she stopped me.

'Please, dont hate me, DD' 'What?' 'Dont get angry at me, it just happened' 'what are you talking about?'
'It was just all friendly... but he couldnt help and kissed me'.
I looked at her feeling lost, 'And?'
'I know it was YOU he liked TILL NOW, DD, but...'

                               ITS NICO!

Silly  girl, i knew it was impossible, Bf never would.... but but UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

And of course, i dont care at all, and i wish them all the happiness.
Though knowing the feels  like something doesnt fit  in the story , and i wondered .... how did things really go? :P

DD's outfit by CD

BigBoobsBetty' s outfits, jeans& tops by
Kakia Designs
party dress by

Nico &Bf's tshirts by
House of Gibberish

The burger  Olivia's Creepy Diner
The club at PAPOO
The kiss at IRON HORSE Island

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