Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DONT (end of part 2)

Bf knew how much i wanted to see the movie, and he got tickets for the first available session.
Being with the girls was great, but nothing compared to see a horror movie sitting close to my
boy in a starry summer night :)

                                                           DONT (I warned you) 

We had a walk after the movie, the beach was lovely in the night, and its too fun talking about movies with Bf cause he has always something crazy to say about them.

Oh and the movie was good but the beach was  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Do you know what? I am not really sorry about ending the summer holidays :)

DD's outfit : jeans by CD, t shirt by
                                  HIP HOP MAINSTORE HOODGIRLZ and BOYZ

                                      Bf's outfit by Gothicatz

Smowl's outfit (see last post)
The lab - Dinosaurs park
The drive in cinema and beach at Oahu Vacation Resort - Oahu, Hawaii

The best in pinterest :)