Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The princess of the Titanic

Today Zazu called to tell me she was sending the new Fashion News magazine with her last pictures on it. Its been too fun cause she had to share the job with the mop girl, her mortal enemy.

Zazu loves her profession. She says she has really good time with the people working with her.

Well,... with most of them.

It was a super exciting job cause they had to wear elegant dresses...  at the amazing Titanic ballroom !!!

But not without a bit of war first :)

I bet it was worth to see, Zazu is terrible when she decides to be.

The mop girl did her best to beat her...

Once they got their make up done and their hair looking gorgeous (or cauliflower) they had to decide who was wearing each dress. As she knew the girls, the 'art director'  told them she wouldnt ask them for their preferences.

'We begin by the colorful dresses, one for each girl,... NO FIGHTING please'

'Great. Now, one white dress each girl...'

'The dark ones...'

Then the big problem.
 Who was going to 'close' the fashion article? Poor director, i dont envy her, in the middle of these little witches' egos.  But she told them...

They made a little draw to see who was choosing first. Obviously, my bad girl cousin was going for the sexy, when suddenly, mop girl felt BOLD.

And yes, she was sexy... but didnt close the article cause...

... oh my, Zazu was AMAZING!!

Click on the pics to enlarge them... the place is wonderful!

All the elegant outfits are group gifts from AZUL,

but Zazu's red one, that you can find for free (YES!) at the ballroom.

RMS Titanic
Beautiful, elegant place, amazing to explore, awesome to go shopping around,  and some of the best SL live music shows are performed here!

Check its website at  http://www.titanicsecondlife.nl/

The best in pinterest :)