Friday, December 30, 2011

Come to the Xmas parade!

MOna's mom is amazing. She is the star at the Xmas parade, and asked her daughter if she and her friends would like to join her.
It was not sure they would be any money involved, but the fun was granted, and we accepted her invite without hesitate.

I met Kitty  (and Paddy, the bartender :)) ) at the irish pub, and Doc joined us, and  we walked together looking for the rest of the group. MOna had told us some of us would get special dresses  to wear, and we wanted to be the chosen ones. But wowow it was so crowded, the music was so loud, and i could smell the cotton candies and the popcorn ... YEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA PARTY!!!!!!!

Del was with Santa. She is a beautiful model, but she looked so wowowowow! Doc said , 'girls, these are our last Xmas' , cause Santa looked like suffering a heart attack  hahahahahaha

She took us to the parade's office and they told us what we had to do. Riding the carriages, taking care of the audience...
Kitty, MOna and i didnt get special clothes, but oh my! we didnt miss them!!!!!!

The dresses were amazing, though ...

Lil' had arrived a while ago, and when we met her we were in shock!

Oh my! And there we go, dancing, jumping, what a party!! Del appeared here and there, and the crowd got crazy about her. She was stunning!!
And when the night came.... oh wow that was MAGIC!

Can you see Doc dancing on the train :))

What a night, and i could go on and on and on, cause the parade seemed to never end. And we DIDNT want it to end! But finally ...
We went to thank Del again for the wonderful day and when Kitty suddenly said she was starving, we all thought of the cozy pizzeria as the best place to end our parade night :)



            These 3 lovely outfits are from
              Siss Boom

Outfit   Beautiful Dirty Rich                          Boots  FIERCE DESIGNS for PEACE ON EARTH HUNT


Pink snowbell  outfit & boots       Dramatic denim & Peasant blouse

 Outfit SS Harini in Black  Saris Creation's

Textures changing  beanie
Xmas gift by GRAFFITIWEAR  

Dont miss this awesome sim! Its not possible to show in pics the way it displays all the magic of Xmas in a SL New York parade!

The best in pinterest :)