Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bf's mom is here

I was home being lazy and enjoying it, when Bf called asking me for a favor.
His mom, who lives in Argentina since her second wedding, long ago, was coming for the holidays.
And he couldnt go and pick her up at the train so... could i do it?

Of course, everything went wrong, mom caught me stealing her perfum, i missed the bus to the station... But finally, here I am.
And after a moment , the crowd moved... and only a lady was standing there. She looked so happy... and so... full of colour hahahaha

oh my! She ran to me and squeezed me saying she was so happy to be home, she wanted to hold the whole world. She looked great, wearing like a butterfly and with a nice eyeshadow on a perfect skin. She thanked me to be there , and asked where her sweet-pie was.

She said she had forgotten it was winter here, and in fact it was so cold!
We took a taxi to the hotel, and i left her on her own.
I dont know if she liked me... but i know i need some time to recover from this meeting!


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