Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santas everywhere!

Something good in my new school is everybody is looking for little jobs to get some cash. Teachers know, and time to time they display some part time job ads at the information board.
Yesterday there was one asking for girls to work few hours. The big department store next to the school wanted nice santas around, to make customers happier = more selling :)

I asked mom if i could join some of my friends who were going to apply, and she said i could do it ... as long as it was something serious and i felt comfy doing it.

So there we went, Jewels, Sugar Suz, K8moss and I, trying to look grown up and confident.

The woman at the office was super nice to us, but i was so nervous! My first job... if i were lucky!

 K8 went through the white door... and we sat and wait for her to reappear...  keeping fingers crossed.


Ohhh there she was! She did it!  She went to the furniture department, jumping in excitement, as a little, skinny but sexy Xmas spirit :)
 Naughty elf  GRAFFITIWEAR        
Then Jewels whispered, 'my turn', and followed Ms Theresa.

I began being a bit worried cause
if i had to wear something too sexy mom would not agree about it.

And then Jewels showed up with a big smile. She would be working at the ...
Peace on Earth hunt. CandyCane Ribbon Outfit   Sleeping Koala

Sugar Suz asked me if i wanted to go first, and i begged her to let me be last one. I knew i had less chances to get the job, but i was very scared.

And so much more when she came back wearing ... but you better see it.

Merry XXX-Mas   Beautiful Dirty Rich

I didnt dare to say, 'you cant go out like that. Your boob is....'
but she felt super happy so i decided to shut up. And then my turn.
Ms Theresa   
 Shape KRYSTAL -Peace on Earth hunt   Ample Avi   

And you know what?
I got the job too! :)

ME_xmas2011Dress Fur and accesories

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