Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lets dance

I think my friend Loulou is the most beautiful girl in the school. But she is not one of those girls who think they are amazing, and then its easy to get along with her.

It was a bit shocking when she accepted Marlow, the official badass of the school, as her partner for the dance exam.
Marlow is that kind of guy some girls cant resist,  but i thought he was not sweet Loulou's ideal  man. i perfectly remember the day he appeared at Mrs. Cents' Ethics class directly from the football training...

hahahaha nice butt!

But his coming back was glorious too... cause Mrs Cents almost fainted when reading the back of his shirt.
The bell calling for first class rang, and people began entering the building. 
As i was telling you, lots of girls like Marlow...
Missy's face showed her disappointment and some more. She is the other classroom's most popular girl (in competition with Sugar Suz, our most popular one) and she is not used to losing.
So she went straight to tell Loulou what she thought about her 'stealing' Marlow from her.

But the surprises of the day dont end here.
Do you remember i had a problem finding a partner for the conflictive  :) dance exam? Well, ... I got one!

Silence, the boy who sits at the back of the classroom and never says a word, appeared suddenly on the stairs and almost made me fall. 
There was a silence (he is an expert on that :P) and when i was about saying we better hurry, he talked very low, in a rush, like feeling very ashamed.
Yeah, sure, why not? But it was like having the invisible man as a dance partner, it was first time that i had heard him say more than the usual 'yes' he said every morning when hearing his name on the teacher's list.
Do you think the invisible man can dance?
... seems he can :)

Ohhhh Silence likes Loulou, Silence likes Loulou!!!!  But, what about badass Marlow?
awwwwwwwwwwwww  i love romance, i cant help!!


Top Rudolph  PSYCHO:Byts

Shape Pietra model *ANNA SHAPES*


Shirt Fuk Urself [Special Edition] House of Gibberish
Damien Skin AKERUKA

Unisex winter hat { essences }

Loulou's Winter Wooly outfit by  GRAFFITIWEAR  

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