Friday, February 24, 2012

Learning to ... lose :)

Ok, people, ready for the news?
I am Beth March!
And Sugar Suz is Jo, and K8moss is Amy... and Missy is Meg.
Wow we have really beaten the other classrom's girls, and they are not very happy ... and it
was obvious at the school's canteen.

Yes, Storm had been wanting the Beth role. I am afraid she is too sexy for that character, and she was really angry when she didnt see her name on the list.
I have the feeling the rehearsals are going to be funny :))

lips 6 cleavage Tan
Mk7 tattoo tan
Shape  Ludmilla Model*ANNA SHAPES*
*.JULYs.* Mesh Corset "Button" - Red
for the Goose and gander friday
GRAFFITIWEAR   Lace Miniskirt -white
Sour Pickles Its on Sale Cupcake love bottle necklace (It jingles and tells you who clicked it!)
GRAFFITIWEAR  Lace Miniskirt- yellow
GRAFFITIWEAR  Leather Jacket Copper Collar

::Poised:: Vixen Skirt

::Poised::Vixen Skirt 

Sour Pickles  A Taste of the 50's (lovely furniture!)

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