Thursday, February 23, 2012

The rehearsal

So i had to go to the Little women's rehearsal, and believe me, i was so nervous, when i appeared on stage i was about crying!

The school's theater is old and wow i love it! It makes you feel like a real actress!
We had been criticising our enemies' performances, and applauding our friends', but i have to admit most people did great.

 Dale, the teacher, is super nice to everybody (and the girls flirt him a bit), and makes us feel comfortable and confident
But... no one knows who he liked more, so  ...
                           Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy... Who will get the roles?


*.JULYs.*  SuspenderSkirt Cherry

*.JULYs.* Laces Shirt white/pink with Bra's
*.JULYs.* Pinky Jeans - lightblue

Sugar Suz
*.JULYs.* Laces Corsage black with pushed down Bra

Sour Pickles Malistaire jeans

*.JULYs.* MeshTank Brown "Hold me"
{PSYCHO:Byts} at Fancy Hall <3 ! Sweets Leggings

Urban  girl The 10L store. Look 22

Sour Pickles Sheet Metal Trash Can Necklace

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