Saturday, March 10, 2012

Self defense

Self defense is the new an optional course at school. The teacher's name is Kit (he doesnt want us to call him Mr Kit), but the boys call him 'cutie'... 
Kit says martial arts are like dancing. In Marlow's words, he likes to shake his butt in front of the girls. Kit isnt a bad guy, but i think he likes himself a bit too much :) So he doesnt pay attention to the students' world , you know , friends, enemies, couples ... and does some silly things. 
Silly things ... as making Marlow practice 'that' exercise with Missy ...
Loulou was not in class, but of course everybody ran to tell her about it. And she pretended she didnt mind ,... of course.

But she minds ... oh i can tell she does!
She just called me after having big argument with Marlow...
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