Sunday, March 11, 2012

OMG Drama!!

I had to stay home because of a bad cold.
Mom was so worried she wanted to call the doctor.
We are not exactly rich and we couldnt risk mom's job. I thought i wasnt feeling sooo bad, so I promised to stay home, and  made her go to work.

Silly cold ... I couldnt go to school and i wonder if things would have gone so wrong if i could have been there with Loulou.

Sugar Suz was with Silence (flirting Silence, i bet :)  ) when they heard the voices down stairs.

She saw it all, and of course i believe her ... but what was happening seems like  ... IMPOSSIBLE!
OMG! Loulou and Missy were arguing about Marlow, when Loulou ... OMG!
Silence and Marlow ran to stop them.  Sugar Suz told me it was not easy cause they were absolutely out of control.
Oh my! What is going to happen now? This is for sure the worst moment to have a cold!


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