Thursday, May 31, 2012

Exhibition day

And this is the exhibition day at mom's gallery.

This seems to be big deal, cause End is a very famous photographer and the gallery feels honored by his allowing them to work as slaves for him hahahahaha

Mom looked so nice, and I felt very elegant too. Everybody seemed worried and in a hurry with the last moment details

Yes, very nice. I had not liked End going around mom like a bee around honey, but i could see mom was not very happy when looking at the gorgeous model who had been 'lost in Africa' with the photographer.
But i knew who would give me information about the girl.

Oh, so Nini was grandad's model, and nothing else, but she was spending those days at Silence's flat with them? I bet mom wouldnt like that.
Though, you know, these models are half the beauty they seem, take the photoshop off and they are nothing ...
Erm... almost nothing.

(see the exhibition walls outfits  HERE)

Apple May Designs
Day Time Maxi - Charcoal

SLC Mesh Neckholder Blouse -Skirt
& Mesh Boots Alice suede black
Crickets Peter outfit

{.essences.} Moana skin
ANNA SHAPES Fluvia model

[Amarelo Manga] - Crocodile Handbag - NUDE [MESH]
 - Pants Sarouel [Black]- Top Clipped [Floral Rosa]

[Amarelo Manga] - Crocodile Handbag - NUDE [MESH]
 & Pants Sarouel [Black]
Urban  girl  Isadora Pumps

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