Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Mom called to tell me she would be back home late.
They had a lot of work to do at the gallery, getting ready for End's exhibition.
I asked her how the pics were and she said they looked amazing. But they all were worried cause End wont be here till the day of the exhibition, so the decisions have to be taken without him.
And he is known as a difficult artist, never satisfied .
Glitterati by Sapphire - Sania - Off shoulder Dress
But mom is an artist too :) She has built a little camp that makes you feel inside the pictures. I dare him to complain!

AFRICA- End O'Malley's exhibition

[Amarelo Manga] - Crocodile Travel Bag - NUDE [MESH]
SLC Mesh Boots Alice suede red 
[Amarelo Manga] - Dress Suelen  [Orange.Com]

 Chaos - don't mess with me
**.:: SeCrEtS ::.** Sweater Mesh - leopard  
SLC  Mesh Jeans Shorts

[Amarelo Manga] - Top Clipped  [Jeans] & Pants Jeans

DeColores Inc  Mesh_Strapless Eva  Romper
:.::Hot Stuff::.: Week Dollarbie"Sensation"

This amazing model wears
{.essences.} Moana skin
ANNA SHAPES Fluvia model

And the pics in Africa were taken in Africa inSL

The best in pinterest :)